About Us

EB GallopingPioneer Endurance is owned and run by Zoë Lindop. Zoë has spent many years working with horses and many other animals; 

Zoë has taught riding all her life and her two main interests are endurance and classic dressage. Zoë has taught and crewed for many of the UK top endurance riders. For 3 years she worked with the Under 21 UK team followed by 3 years with the senior UK team. Zoë has made the bridles for the UK teams to compete in World and European Championships many times. She has also made items for Sheik Hamden Al Maktoum’s Seeh Al Salam endurance stable, as well as for many of the top riders in the UK and France.

It is through working closely with horses in the extreme field of endurance that Zoë learned the importance of the choice of top quality materials, and good design and fit of the equipment.


Zoe worked with driving horses in the disciplines of Private Driving and Concours de Elegance. These two disciplines require incredible attention to detail and perfection in the harness and equipment, harness taking a week to clean before the most important competitions. Zoe worked with Elspeth Gill and her pony Finesse who won all of the top Concours De Elegance in the UK including BDS Smiths Lawn Windsor, and The Hermes Concours de Elegance at The Horse of the Year Show. It was in this discipline Zoe learned the importaBBC Merlinnce of design. and care and attention in the making of tack, to arrive with an elegant and beautiful item.

Zoë’s other interest of classical dressage came from working in France with Spanish stallions while working for Mario Luraschi, who specialises in equestrian shows and films. Zoë has recently been working for the highly successful BBC TV series Merlin, where as well as working with the horses on set, she has been teaching the actors to ride including Merlin (Colin Morgan) Arthur (Bradley James) and Morgana (Katie Magrath). Zoë continues to combine her passions of teaching and endurance crewing with running Pioneer Harnesses, and can normally be found at all the major endurance Kentucky Bridleevents in the UK.

Zoë worked for many years for a small animal vet, and gained a lot of experience with dogs of all types and importantly harnesses, collars, and leads of many types. Zoë has worked in many countries around the world and while working in New Zealand fell in love with a small breed of pig called a Kune Kune. On discovering the pigs were highly endangered she imported a small herd in to the UK and founded the stud book and The British Kune Kune Society. She remains President of the society.

Zoe’s other interests are music, art, and holidaying with friends.