Materials & Techniques


BioThane® has been has been used for many years with great success in equine endurance and driving harness. An article made of BioThane® will give many years of service while maintaining its good looks; Beware of cheap imitations who may initially look the same, but with time will crack and delaminate

Advantages of genuine BioThane® are as follows;

  • 1. Beautifully, soft, supple like well oiled leather, even in cold weather.BioThane
  • 2. Easy to clean, Just wipe over with warm water after use.
  • 3. No need to oil or soap, just check over stitches and buckles.
  • 4. The colour will not fade, the item will stay looking good for a long time.
  • 5. It will not normally rub or chafe.
  • 6. It will not stretch.
  • 7. Easy to disinfect between animals.
  • 8. Waterproof, therefore will not crack or become stiff after being soaked.
  • 9. Resistant to bacteria and mildew.
  • 10. Biothane is a plastic coated polyester web and is very strong.


All stock items are manufactured in BETA® BioThane®, in either standard or super heavy; All other BioThane® are available, for special orders, subject to availability.

BETA® Series

Often called BetaThane, this material is the closest thing to leather in the equine marketplace. Since its inception in 1999, the BETA® series has steadily gained the trust of haltermakers and tack makers alike. The main attribute is the soft-to-the-hand feel BETA® series is equipped with. This comes from the 60A durometer PVC coating. The coating has a classic leather grain emboss pattern on the surface making it difficult to tell BETA® from real leather;

GOLD Series

The classic genuine BioThane® coating. All gold series products are glossy in appearance and they feature excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility. The gold series belting is coated exclusively with urethane. The urethane held has a hardness rating of 85A durometer which is great for cutting, punching and welding. The combination of high performance and wide colour selection make gold series the preferred coated webbing in multiple markets. Equine tack, sporting goods and dog collars are just a few of the many applications for gold series belting.




As stranded all fittings are solid brass where available; Some of the keepers are brass plated if brass plated is not available; Stainless steel is available for special order only, except for on traditional English bridles where stainless steel is the standard option, but brass is available also.








All of our products are available in leather, please email for prices.

I work only in top class English bridle leather made by Sedgwicks. Sedgwick's have been supplying leather to the equestrian trade since 1900, and a century on is one of the leading leather suppliers of equestrian leather in the UK. Sedgwick's has always prided itself on the consistently high quality of its finished leather including their equestrian leather products. Partly, this has been achieved by the sourcing of high quality hides, but also in maintaining the skills of expert curriers who finish the leather by hand.




Numnahs are made from a top quality 100% quilted cotton? It is very hard wearing and washes well.


This is a pure wool on a woven backing; It is machine washable and hard wearing.



Even though the materials used are synthetic, all are made with the same care and techniques as when working with leather. All items are made by hand for individual order. The BioThane® is sewn, rivets are not used. All edges and holes are heat sealed to prevent water entering the cut edges. For endurance tack all the edges are turned away from the horse to prevent rubbing, and offer maximum comfort for the horse. This results in a high class item, virtually indistinguishable from leather, therefore not only will it give you many years of hard working service at home, but it also looks good enough for best.