"Lets Ride!" Shim Numnah


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Let’s Ride! shim numnah are a new technical numnah developed in Spain for endurance They are ultra lightweight and do not absorb water or sweat, therefore helping to stop heat and bacteria building up under the saddle, and because of this only one numnah is needed for the whole ride. Lets Ride’s design offers superb impact resistance for the horses back, without adding a lot of bulk under the saddle. The Shim pockets allow you to use this numanh to alter the fit and balance of your saddle.

Very limited availability Please telephone for colour availability before ordering


– 100% Breathable. – Doesn’t slip back. – Ergonomic shape so it adapts to the horse’s back. – The upper layer distribute the pressure exerted by the weight of the rider on the horse’s back. – Doesn’t accumulate moisture of the horses neither water. – Hygienic because of the synthetic fabric. – Quick drying. – Easy change Shim pockets. This product comes from Spain so please allow 28 days for delivery

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"Lets Ride!" Shim Numnah

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