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The Orbitless is a new, English designed and manufactured, concept in bitless riding. It is made of a very lightweight alloy, and is beautifully finished, with soft rounded edges to prevent rubbing the horse . It is ideally suited for endurance, allowing the horse to drink easily out of buckets, unlike conventional hackamores.

The straps are made from genuine BioThane® and the noseband is padded with waffle foam, for comfort. .

The Orbitless has a very interesting design that allows many different configerations to be used. This allows you to find the perfect feel for you and your horse in differant conditions.

The Pioneer Hackamore Bridle is the perfect choice to go with your Orbitless

Click here for our orbitless configuration guide

Opaque and translucent Biothane have a shiny, high gloss finish. Beta has a similar finish to leather.

All items are made to order , so please allow 14 working days for delivery.

  • Made of Genuine BioThane®
  • Solid brass fittings
  • All areas are sewn, not riveted
  • Fully adjustable
  • Padded noseband


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Orbitless Noseband

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