Pioneer - Deluxe Wool Numnah


Quilt Colour *

The very best quality available, this endurance numnah will last for many years providing comfort for your horse.

This numnah is a good fit for most saddle’s, especially Podiums, and It has good clearance for the withers.

This model is quilt backed with natural coloured deluxe wool.

One size only.

A made to order item, so please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

British wool offers more benefits for a horse’s back than any other material natural or man made.

We used wool that was still on a (dead) sheep’s skin a long time ago but quickly found that the same wool taken off a (live) sheep and knitted onto a cotton yarn gave all the benefits of wool and none of the drawbacks of the skin.

So what are the key benefits of British Wool?

Please note this is the condensed version as there are so many good points about British wool – please contact us for more details if you would like them.

Hand on wool

• It is 100% natural.
• It keeps your horse cooler even in hot weather. Yes, wool is the best for hot weather and it’s been proven by endurance riders in the Middle East.
• British wool does not flatten – it keeps bouncing back to keep your horse’s back comfortable as the saddle impacts during work. Try taking a handful of the wool we use, squeezing it and watching it bounce back just like it does on an Endurance pad. Please contact us if you would like a sample.
• British wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before it even feels damp keeping your horse more comfortable for longer.
• It’s so easy to keep clean and look after. Either wash it every day or brush it out to ensure ongoing peak performance.

Wool blend offers all the advantages of wool as it is:

– breathable.
– durable.
– natural.
– easy to wash/look after.
– absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp.
– dries quickly together.

and all the above coupled with the following benefits of a synthetic fabric make wool and polyester an ideal mix of materials.

The benefits of the synthetic material include:

– strength.
– longevity.
– easy to look after.
– wicks away moisture.

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Pioneer - Deluxe Wool Numnah

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