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S Hack Bridle – Multicolour


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This is a very basic bridle consisting of just brow band throat lash and headpiece, the cheekpieces are short to accept a hackamore or Myler combination ; It has no attachment point for a head collar.

The throatlash is attached to the cheekpeice at the level of the eye to stop the action of the S hack pulling the cheekpieces into the eye.

Opaque and translucent Biothane have a shiny, high gloss finish. Beta has a similar finish to leather.

All items are made to order , so please allow 14 working days for delivery.


  • Made of Genuine BioThane®
  • Solid brass fittings
  • All areas are sewn, not riveted
  • Adjustable cheekpeices, throat lash

For Custom Sizes

Please measure all of the required measurements shown on the “Custom Size Measurments” photo, and then email the measurements to us using the “Contact Us Page

Please note: It is the customer responsibility to supply us with complete and accurate measurments, as unfortunately we are unable to refund custom bridles.

If the bridle made to the measurments provided does not fit it can be altered, however these alterations and the return postage are chargeable.

Weight 0.75 kg

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S Hack Bridle – Multicolour

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