Adjustment and Maintenance


Adjustment of conway loops

Conway loops are adjusted by moving the loop on bith the front and abck of the strap, so the loop goes through the hole nearest the point of the strap.

Please see the image below:

Bridle Adjustment

This is a correctly adjusted bridle.

– The browband is the correct size and does not pull the headpiece into the back of the ears.
– The throatlash is the correct length. To check you shoud be able to insert you hand sideways between the throatlash annd the horse.
– The cheek buckle is level with the horses eye, and the noseband is fitted with a two finger width below the cheekbones.
– The connecting part between the throat and nose is the correct length, allows the throat to sit in the correct place, and is short enough to prevent it hanging down.
– The noseband is the correct tension, this is a little looser then in an english style bridle to allow it to be taken on and off without undoing the noseband.

Please note: If using a flash the main part of the noseband must fit snugly, or it will be pulled down when the flash is tightened.

To be critical of the fit of this bridle, I would like the cheeks 3/4 of an inch longer so the buckles become level with the corner of the horses eye.

The noseband has fallen down a little at the front and this has pulled the cheeks forwards a little.



BioThane® is easy to look after, most of the time it only requires a wipe over with a wet cloth. If very dirty leave it to soak for a while in hot water and washing liquid.


Please check all stitching regularly. If your horse pulls back or treads on the reins the stitching is designed to break.
Pioneer Endurance will repair any items for just the cost of any new materials used and return postage, there will be no charge for labour.

Metal work

Stainless steel will need no looking after apart from the clips and hooks.
Brass and nickle will come up like new with a little metel polish, it does not take long.
Trigger clips and bridle hooks do however require an occasional drop of oil to stop them seizing up.

New Horse?

Pioneer Endurance will alter your tack to fit your new horse if it is not too different, not a shetland to a shire!
I will do this for just the cost of materials and return postage.

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