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Pioneer Endurance manufacture a bespoke endurance range, and is the preferred choice of elite endurance riders and teams in many countries. Pioneer Endurance produces equipment for Endurance, Le Trec, and trail riding.

We use genuine BioThane® and BETA® BioThane®, in order to produce a wide selection of endurance bridles, breastplates, reins, martingales and numnahs.

Pioneer Endurance is proud to be the UK agent for the Podium Saddles and accessories.

The range of products available are designed, and made to your individual specifications in the UK by proprietor Zoë Lindop using experience gained from many years of working with high level endurance horses, and produced using only the finest materials and employing high levels of craftsmanship and care.

Our aim is to provide you with equipment that will give you many years of service, as well as comfort for your competition horse, and we are always happy to discuss your requirements and give advice, whether you are a beginner who is not quite sure where to start, a professional with a difficult to fit horse, or with a specific design of bridle, or team colours in mind.


Georgina Vaughan - Podium UK sponsored rider 

Georgina Vaughan
Podium UK sponsored rider

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