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Padded Breastplate – Multicolour


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This breastplate is padded with a soft waffle foam for maximum comfort for your horse. It is fully adjustable, features clips for attachment to the saddle, as well as a clip on the strap going over the withers for ease of untacking. Available with three different styles of girth attachment.

Opaque and translucent Biothane have a shiny, high gloss finish. Beta has a similar finish to leather.

All items are made to order, so please allow 14 working days for delivery.

  • Lined with a soft waffle patten foam
  • All areas are sewn, not riveted
  • Adjustable shoulders, girth, saddle attachment
  • Clips for quick release on saddle, withers and if required the girth
  • All ends turned away from the horse to prevent rubbing

Three different styles of girth attachment are available, please see photos and description on options page.

Weight 0.5 kg

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Padded Breastplate – Multicolour

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