Pioneer - Wool Blend Shim Numnah


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A top quality endurance numnah that allows you to alter the fit of your saddle with shims (sold separately).

This numnah is a good fit for most saddle especially Podiums.

It has good clearance for the withers.

This model is quilt backed with Wool Blend.

One size only.

A made to order item, so please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Wool blend offers all the advantages of wool as it is:

– breathable.
– durable.
– natural.
– easy to wash/look after.
– absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp.
– dries quickly together.

and all the above coupled with the following benefits of a synthetic fabric make wool and polyester an ideal mix of materials.

The benefits of the synthetic material include:

– strength.
– longevity.
– easy to look after.
– wicks away moisture.

Weight1.95 kg


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Pioneer - Wool Blend Shim Numnah

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